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Monday, April 28, 2008

What Does Hope Mean?

Yes We Can.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tonkin Coming Again

We are the beast.
The beast is us.

So it begins.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008





An awesome toy for your kid!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

CJ's Guide to Election Terminology Part 1

Change: More of the same with very little difference at all. Usage includes "I'm the real candidate for change.", or "Together we will bring change."

Democracy: Form of government that listens to the voices of Multi National Corporations and big money. Usage includes "I believe in the power of Democracy.", or "We need to spread Democracy through the middle east."

Experience: Amount of big money lobbyist ties and ability to manipulate the pay to play Federal government for the biggest personal gain. Usage includes: "I'm the candidate with the most experience.", or "I bring a lot of experience to the table."

Freedom: Friendly corrupt puppet governments that do what Multi National Corporations want, also regulatory rollbacks that allow businesses to put lead in children's toys, gauge consumers with predatory lending practices, or put useless or dangerous pharmaceuticals into the health care system. Usage includes "We're going to spread freedom throughout the world." or "In America we love freedom."

Greatest: Ignorant and easily duped, also most violent and callously sadistic. Usage includes: "We are the greatest nation on earth.", or "You are the greatest generation ever."

God: A constant supply of large sums of money. Usage includes: "I believe in the power of God.", or "I always try to do what I believe is the will of God."

Hope: Empty promises. Usage includes: "I bring a message of hope.", or "With hope in our hearts we can accomplish anything."

Peace: Dropping bombs on foreign civilians in order to secure natural resources for Multi National Corporations. Usage includes "We are a peace loving nation.", or "We will bring peace to Africa."

Security: More money from the Federal budget for the Military-Industrial-Entertainment Complex. Usage includes: "What's really important is America's security.", or "I'll make security my #1 priority."

Values: Racism, Consumerism, and Militarism. Usage includes: "I share the same values as you.", or "I believe in good old American values."

Please continue to conduct all business as usual.

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