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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stupid or Evil?

Are you a stupid Republican or an evil Republican?
stupid or evil
Take the Quiz:

1. John McCain is:
A. a maverick
B. bought and paid for

2. Sarah Palin is:
A. just one of us
B. just as easy to manipulate as stupid Republicans

3. I vote Republican in order to stop:
A. abortion
B. paying my fair share of taxes

4. We are at war in the Middle East because:
A. Jesus is coming back soon
B. oil is running out soon

5. The American government is:
A. based on Christian values
B. a great way to make money

6. Jesus:
A. is one half divine
B. works for my landscaping contractor

7. I'm certain President Bush:
A. talks to God
B. will pardon me and my associates

8. Your children:
A. will burn in hellfire eternally if they don't believe in Jesus
B. will be paying for my lifestyle well into their 30's

9. Educated people are:
A. elitists
B. Democrats, unless they're evil

10. To save a village:
A. you must burn it
B. you must burn it

Please continue to conduct all business as usual.

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At 1:25 AM, Blogger jp said...

perfect, thank you.


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