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Monday, November 20, 2006

A Time to Give Thanks

Corporate Jesus

This time of year always gets very busy for me, so I thought I'd take this time to reflect on the last year and give thanks for:

  • The rich getting richer.

  • CEO pay 750x higher than the average worker.

  • Record breaking profits for Oil companies.

  • Record profits for the Health Insurance Industry.

  • Record profits for Big Pharma.

  • Unions on the decline, obsolete to the majority of workers.

  • Populace in debt but still spending.

  • New bankruptcy laws for individuals, Corporations still get a handout from the government.

  • The wholesale jettisoning of the responsibility for promised pension funds by Corporations.

  • Further consolidation of Big Media.

  • Further deregulation of industries that pollute and poison the air, water, and populace.

  • Corporately-owned Republicans and Democrats continue to run the Federal government.

  • Coming financial boom for weapons sales for war with Iran.

  • Illegal wage workers getting scapegoated for the race to the bottom of the wage scale.

  • Reactionary xenophobes who take out their anger over being forced out of the American dream on those lower on the social scale, rather than looking up at the CEO class.

  • The American Enterprise Institute, The Heritage Foundation, The Hoover Institute, The CATO Institute, The Competitive Enterprise Institute.

  • Pro-Life Capitalist warmongers.

  • Koch Industries.

  • Joe Lieberman.

  • Please continue to conduct all business as usual.

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    At 10:40 PM, Blogger mist1 said...

    Now I feel like such a creep. All I am thankful for is wi-fi.


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